2011, 2012, 2013, Interactive Audio Installation (Plaster, resin, arduino, PIR sensors, speakers, computer, and audio equipment)

The interactive installation “Social Network” was inspired by the decision-making process known as quorum sensing. In this process, bacteria and other organisms send and receive chemical signals in order to detect each others’ presence. As I thought about this concept, I began to see a parallel between our intrinsic need to connect with others and how this has influenced the propagation of social networks. With each online action, we send out a ‘signal’ that announces to the world “I am here.” The piece consists of 10 plaster and resin orbs, each containing a motion sensor and a set of speakers. As the viewer walks through the work, the orbs—detecting their presence—begin to “speak” saying “I’m here, are you there?”

Interactive Installation “Social Network”