2021; Mixed Media Installation (Digital collage, dye-sublimation fabric printing, digital embroidery, a found objects, house paint, floating screen, digital video, and video projection)

This soft sculpture in the form of a couch was created using dye-sublimation fabric printing, digital embroidery, and a found object (sofa). Using NASA open source telescope imagery, I designed the fabric to be vaguely reminiscent of ‘default’ cellphone and smart device backgrounds. Two digitally embroidered pillows display the text from two cellphone message alert incidents: one from 2018 when a ballistic missile threat alert was sent to all residents of Hawaii and the other from President Trump testing the National presidential alert system. 

In this piece, I am pointing to the systems of power that are always-present but unseen: they are ‘just off-screen’ in some ways but have the ability to influence us: our emotions and our actions.

A modified coffee table accompanies the couch which displays the kinetic light sculpture Untitled (Technology / Transformation) and provides a place for wireless headphones to be picked up for use by Viewers for the following video work(s)

“Untitled (I Can’t Trust the Universe)”