Artist Michelle Lisa Herman is asking residents from the greater Lamond-Riggs area (including Fort Totten, Michigan Park, North Michigan Park, Pleasant Hills, Queens Chapel, and South Manor Park) to contribute fabric “swatches” and/or family photographs that will be scanned and used to create a digital collage for the Lamond-Riggs/Lillian J. Huff Library “Heritage Wall.” The piece takes inspiration from the concept of a quilt which is stitched together from a variety of different fabrics. By scanning the fabrics and photos of residents in the neighborhood, the artist hopes to collaborate with area residents in creating this digital tapestry.

What Materials Can I Contribute?

Fabric “Swatches” 

Heirloom fabric patterns, textiles or quilts that were made by you/family members, clothing handed down that has special significance and meaning, or other fabrics and patterns that remind you of something meaningful.


Photos that have connections to the neighborhood, historical family photos of Lamond-Riggs residents, family gatherings in the Lamond-Riggs area, celebrations, picnics, or loved ones that have a connection to the neighborhood are welcome. To be respectful of privacy, please make sure anyone pictured in the photograph is also comfortable having their likeness be part of the final, permanent, artwork. 

How Can I Participate?

Bring Your Materials to an In-Person Scanning Session at the Lamond-Riggs Lillian J. Huff Library

  • Saturday, July 30. 11am–2 pm 
  • Wednesday, August 3, 6–7:45 pm

OR Submit Materials Online

Visit to upload your images

Contribute to the Lamond-Riggs/Lillian J. Huff Library “Heritage Wall”