Began June 2018 – Work in progress; mixed media installation.

This project began with two objects that have a strong element of magnetism to each other that I found on a thrift-store shopping trip. I enjoy the way there is a vague connection to each other and also none at all simultaneously. I am thinking about the objects as words and am interested in how I can create phrases with these objects. Another interesting component to them is the way in which they resemble art objects but—by the nature of being in a second-hand store—don’t inherently have the same value we assign to art objects, until I intervene.
The room surrounding the objects will be wallpapered with a repeat design I am creating that shows famous works of art with corresponding ‘labels’ that were assigned by an image recognition system. In many cases, these labels are humorous but also point to a deeper reality of human bias and limits of perception. Like the objects themselves, the artworks and the corresponding labels are in dialog with each other. I am interested in what is happening in the space between these two poles.

Installation in Progress “Untitled (The Treachery of Images or Vision Works)”